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Why to build a Virtual Working Space?

In the age of hyper-competition, increasing cost pressure and a growing competitive situation, flexibility and asset protection are important trump cards. But can personal freedom and cost minimization be reconciled with a professional way of working? Virtual office solutions offer solutions.

The virtual office – the modern mailbox company?

Virtual office solution providers offer more than just a business address – nevertheless, the service is often compared to mailboxes. But what impression does a PO box address leave on your business card?

Customers who suddenly find themselves in front of a locker wall looking for your company are usually not particularly impressed. In any case, you need a direct contact address in the imprint of your website. The home address? But always one after the other.

Business center customers benefit from a wide range of products. This usually contains a business address that can be used as a postal address, visitor address and company headquarters. Optionally, work or conference rooms can be booked on a monthly, weekly, daily or hourly basis.

A call manager personally answers calls in your company name and provides you with individual phone and fax numbers – missed calls or lost mail can ultimately have serious consequences for business operations. The offer is rounded off by secretarial, assistance and concierge services.

For whom is virtual suitable?
The offer is used by entrepreneurs and start-ups as well as by freelancers, medium-sized companies and international corporations. The backgrounds are diverse: if the freelance architect wants to work in a cost-saving manner, for example, the management consultancy needs flexible workspaces for the local project teams.

The advantages of Virtual Working Space

1) You save real money
The effective savings compared to your own office are obvious: no brokerage commissions, the high monthly rent, set-up costs for inventory and technical infrastructure, maintenance costs for devices, monthly costs for internet and telephone providers, cleaning costs, personnel costs and Insurance premiums are the first thing you notice. On closer inspection, a number of smaller amounts are also omitted. Apart from the gasoline costs, parking ticket fees or tickets, it’s the little things we all know: a filled baguette here, a coffee at the train station there, a cigarette at the bus stop – and the invisible additional costs increase.

2) You demonstrate maximum seriousness
Well-known things seem familiar. Don’t you yourself prefer the management consultant in an office building on a well-known main street to the one who lives in a residential building on an unknown street?

3) You enjoy maximum flexibility
Hand on heart: When was the last time you could take time for your loved ones, go on vacation or be ill with a clear conscience? The uncertainty of missing out on important customers usually weighs as much as the overwhelming costs of office rent and infrastructure. Stop crouching in front of the phone from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and throw away unnecessary ballast!

4) You benefit from a professional work environment
Especially in industries with a similar or identical range of products, speed and professionalism are important differentiating features. Don’t you feel better when you know that a professional team has your back?

5) You are ready to start immediately
Time is money – so the saying goes. Finding suitable office space in particular can take a lot of time and nerves. Renovation work needs to be well planned, as does the search, acquisition and installation of the basic technical equipment. You know the nerve-wracking tariff comparisons between telephone providers and the hustle and bustle during consultations in multimedia markets. Virtual office providers have fully equipped premises, so that you can usually have a company headquarters ready for occupancy within 24 hours.

6) You protect your privacy
In times of the transparent citizen, federal Trojans and wiretapping scandals, the protection of your privacy as well as the separation of private and professional is essential. Was your company previously registered at your home address? Then everyone could find it via Google. In this context, a virtual office may appear in a completely new light.

7) Your co-workers and co-workers will be happier
If you have partners or employees, you will find out by using a virtual office: Your employees are happier. Using your labor regardless of location not only inspires people who have families. They will thank you with good work. A nice side effect is that excuses like “I couldn’t find a parking space”, “I missed the bus” or “The road was icy” are no longer valid.

8) Your company will become more sustainable and environmentally friendly
The change in social awareness towards more sustainability makes environmentally friendly companies cool and is also good for the wallet. Apart from the lower gasoline consumption, you now produce less waste and save transport costs, energy and electricity.

9) Farewell lonely rider – you get the support of a team.
Independence, that means everything yourself – all the time. How many times have we heard this phrase? In addition to being a hermit in the home office and hardly any contact with like-minded people, the supposed independence quickly becomes unbearable. Therefore: Even if your virtual employees are not your own, they still give them the feeling of having strong support.

Grow big while staying small – this is the philosophy of today’s intelligent entrepreneur. The virtual office is an important milestone for achieving this goal. For you too?

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