What is SEO Quake, SEO extension

This is an SEO extension that you can install in Firefox. Search in Google and install. Once installed, SeoQuake’s options will appear, informing you about your website. Would have. Both Seo Sitecheckup and Woorank would have analyzed your homepage, but the good thing about SeoQuake is that it analyzes the entire website. Find an option in Diagnosis and click on it, then a page will open and in it, you will be able to know more about your site.

SimilarWeb – Digital Market Intelligence & Website Traffic

This is also an extension, install it in your browser, it will analyze the traffic of your website, by the way, we can analyze your website by Google Analytics, and this is how it works. And if we compare the two, Google Analytics will be our first priority, plus you can stall it, and learn about your website.


  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Adwords

Another great website providing SEO tools for free.


Google AdSense Band Checker



It is used to view backlinks.


It is also used to show backlinks.


It tells you about the SEO of your site and tells you about the website review. It gives you a score out of a hundred, how many points your website got in terms of SEO.


It will tell you about your side’s dead links or broken links.

Alexa.com is not directly related to SEO, but it is used to see the traffic rank, and it’s low and high does not make much difference to the SEO. Here you can see the data of your upcoming sites, which words they use, you can get more ideas by looking at those keywords in Google Ad Words. You can see what your competitors are ranking, and you can see the links, where they link to your site, etc.


It keeps telling you about keyword rankings, which keywords are going up and which ones are going down, and which ones need to be worked on. It can also be used for keyword research, but it is mainly used for keyword tracking.

Each country has its own Google search domain ranking. So when you’re searching for your keywords, look in the Google search for the country you’re targeting.

  • seotoolsearch
  • google keyword planner
  • com
  • google webmaster tools
  • com
  • longtail pro
  • moonsy

There are also many tools, but how many tools can a person use? So all the SEO masters would make a set of the best tools of their choice for themselves, and from then on they would work on SEO. One of the best tools is Long Tool Pro, which is used by everyone and Moz.com is the best site.

Long Tail Pro

Gives you long-tail words by searching. Understand that Long Tail Pro works like a Google Ad Words tool and returns keywords by searching.

Moz.com is a great company and has worked for a lot of SEOs, and Google values ‚Äč‚Äčthem too.

Here’s a free trial


Duplicate content

Duplicate content is used by copying content from anywhere on your website.

Common content

Common content refers to the percentage of content your other pages have.

Unique Contingent

Unique content refers to content that has not been copied from anywhere. Your website will rank well only when there is less duplicate content on it and more unique content.

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