How Search Engines Work

The first two sections introduced a brief introduction to SEO. Search engines in this section

Let’s talk about how search engines work.

If we divide search engine optimization into two parts, one part is search engines, then no one should doubt that SEO is based on search engines. So search engines and how they work. We cannot know SEO without knowing it. Search engines are software designed to retrieve information on the Internet. Currently, Google, Yahoo, Bing are the search engines that are ruling the internet, But at the moment Google has no competition, and 70% of searches are done through Google and 30% of users come from other search engines, who are using other search engines.

Example of some popular search engine

  • Google

Now let’s talk about how search engines work.

If we base search engines on three things, it would not be out of place

  • Crawler or spider
  • Indexer
  • Ranking algorithm

What Crawlers Or Spiders Do?

As you know today, there are millions of websites on the Internet and countless websites are being created every day, and crawlers or spiders read the source code of these websites or in other words, you can say “crawling”. And then stored in the search engine’s local server.

Source Code

Here come the words “source code”. So the source code refers to the codes that make up a website, to see the source code of any website or any page, then go to that page and right-click on the mouse and then the smaller one. The C window opens. You will see “Wave Source” written in it. By clicking on it you can see the source code of this patch. It is also important to mention here that the crawler or spider’s job is only to crawl. What is written in the source code or how it is written? He has no interest in these things.

What do indexers do?

The crawler or spider is followed by the indexer. The data that the crawler or spider stored on the local server, the indexer collects the data from there and indexes the websites. The type of website that has been created will index that website in its category. Like a fashion website, it will index it in the fashion category. There is a health website, so it will be indexed in the health category. After indexing all the data will be stored in the main server.

How the Ranking Algorithm Works

Suppose a user searches through their browser by typing a query (a sentence or a combination of a few words) into a search engine. So why not look at some of the top websites, that they were standard websites. They had good SEO, they had good SEO process and they didn’t use any black hat SEO techniques, and some websites look down and some look down, so it’s all ranking. Doing so is done through ranking algorithms and the ranking algorithm determines with its own special method, which website should be ranked in the search engines. That’s why you see good websites at the top and thus the websites go up and down according to their quality. Each search engine has its own ranking algorithm method, and through its ranking algorithm it puts a website at the top in its search engine, and someone below if you search the same query in different search engines, so the result will look different. Each search engine ranks the website according to its own method.


If you have another post near this article on the website, link it to this post and enter the URL of this post in this post. The advantage of this is that the relevance between two related articles increases. And the second advantage is that Google will crawl this old article again. And as the relevance increases, so does the ranking of articles. Google values ​​relevance. So don’t forget to interlink the articles, but these articles must be consistent. You can also interlink their words, which are used in any of your other articles.

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