The general rule is: take advantage of gaps in the market

A gap in the market exists when there is no corresponding offer on the market for the needs of certain customers. Gaps in the market arise when demand and thus customer wishes change or when offers disappear from the market even though there is still demand.

An entrepreneur who discovers a niche in the market and places and markets a suitable offer has a good chance of taking pioneering profits with him, because he is in a position to be able to make an unrivaled offer. Normally, however, other companies will copy the offer and maybe even expand and improve it in the foreseeable future. Here it is important not to rest on initial successes, but to analyze the market and customer needs further and use the time advantage in the long term.

· Recognizing and developing a business idea

Since the world, and with it society, is constantly changing, it is essential to include these facts in the business calculation. There are short term fashions and long term trends. Recognizing and assessing these is the task of the founder.

Business ideas always arise when markets change or new markets arise. Practice has shown that there are very special areas in which changes become market opportunities for entrepreneurs and new niches or entire industries emerge.

  • Social changes
    Values ​​are subject to constant change and fluctuating acceptance. The birth rate has just risen again, but what about next year or two years from now? Such trends must be carefully assessed and predicted. Under no circumstances should one blindly rely on these estimates.
  • Technological changes
    Technological changes have determined our lives more than anything. With innovations such as the Internet or freely accessible mobile communications, age-old habits were suddenly called into question and a new rhythm of life developed. It is important to recognize such changes at an early stage, to assess them correctly and to use them.
  • Legal changes
    Legal changes always offer new possibilities – even if at first glance they appear to be severe restrictions. For example, a tobacco advertising ban could result in new types of advertising or corporate communications.
  • Global changes
    Global changes such as climate change or globalization also open up new markets and opportunities.

· 2. Further development of a business idea

In order to further develop initial, vague business ideas or to get new impulses, various creative methods are available to the founder:

  • Mind mapping
  • brainstorming
  • Brain writing
  • Listening, recognizing, perceiving

v Mind mapping

The best known technique of the mapping methods (graphical recording of data) is mind mapping. Here, a is a central concept in the mid written a leaf and all related terms with lines in relation set it. From these related terms one can in turn derive related topics. So you get a tree structure.

This way of representation allows the terms to be recognized more quickly and used again. In addition, topics are separated from each other and presented clearly and associatively.

v Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a method in which 5 to 15 participants sit together and, without mutual criticism, throw all the associations they can think of to the given term for about 5 to 30 minutes. It is desirable to develop and continue the thoughts of a fellow player.

The result is a list of terms or sentences that are randomly written on a sheet of paper and are only criticized and evaluated in the second phase.

The method is particularly suitable for finding unconventional paths and methods or as an introduction to a specific topic.

v Brainwriting

In one method of brainwriting, method 635, exactly six participants sit together in a round and write down three ideas that occur to them on the given topic in five minutes. The sheets are then passed clockwise. The aim is to develop three new ideas from the three ideas of the next man.

This method ensures high quality results, but there is a lack of spontaneous expressions.

v Listening, recognizing, perceiving

A successful company founder walks the world with open eyes and ears. He tries to discover a need – be it in a personal conversation or in virtual online communities

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